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Trips we offer


Our biggest trips are part government-sponsored which means really affordable prices most of the time.

Tour 08 has a broad base of contacts with different local provinces throughout Korea which means we take you to many festivals in Korea you probably never know existed! To name a few:

- Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival (Jan)

- Wando Changpogo Marine Festival (May)

- Boryeong Mud Festival (July)

- Jangheung Water Festival (July)

- Muan White Lotus Festival (August)

- Buan Salted Seafood Festival (September)

- Imsil Cheese Festival (October)

You can check out the videos on our 'Annual Trip Timeline' page to get on idea of some festival trips you can expect in a calendar year.


Other than our festival trips, we also run many rural experience trips throughout the year. These trips can include a range of hands-on experiences including and not limited to:

Chilli paste making

Rice cake making

Trout catching

Making traditional Korean dishes i.e. Hangwa 'Traditional Korean Snack'

Handdrip coffee

Fruit picking

Wine tasting/making

Dairy Experience

Location: Yeongju, Seonbi 'Scholar' Village 2018 August Trip


FUSO is a special homestay program which is mainly run in the area of Gangjin, Jeollanam-do, located to the very West of Korea. Unlike traditional hanok stay where you’ll sleep and eat with a lot of other people, taking part in a 'FUSO HOMESTAY' means you'll stay with 2~3 other foreigners at a local residence generally situated out in the calm countryside alongside with the locals only. You can:

  • Start off by taking a walk around the area enjoying the peace of the Korean countryside when you arrive.
  • Enjoy a real fresh and warm meal cooked by your host made with vegetables from the garden.
  • Spend a cozy night with your hosts by either having a chat or by taking part in the activities they suggest you (Lighting a wish lantern for example).
  • In the morning, enjoy a perfect breakfast and get ready to bid farewell to your hosts (We know that sometimes it can be difficult though...)

It's all about having a true homestay experience in a Korean home.


We do also venture out of Korea from time to time to take you on some great travel adventures to neighboring countries, namely Japan.

Why we are called tour08?

Here's a brief explanation in 6 simple steps....

  1. In Korean, our company name is 여행공방 (Yeohaeng Gongbang)
  2. Yeohaeng means Tour or Travel and Gongbang means Workshop
  3. At first, when translated to English, our company name was 'Tour Gongbang'
  4. However, as many foreigners do not know the meaning and pronunciation of 'Gongbang', we have replaced it with '08'
  5. The reason for this is that 'Gong' is the pronunciation for zero '0' in Korean, and 'bang' is similar to the pronunciation of eight '8' in Korean. Well, actually the pronunciation of eight in Korean is 'pal' not 'bang'... but close enough right?
  6. So all in all, this is how the name came to be Tour08! And of course, Tour08 in particular is in charge of the foreigner tours of our company!

What's more.... is that by coincidence Korea has 8 provinces in total (Not including Jeju Island). The Korean provinces can be a bit hard to remember so we'll list them here for anyone who doesn't know them yet or have forgotten. In general order from top to bottom you have:

경기도 Gyeonggi-do,

강원도 Gangwon-do (Host province of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games)

충청북도 Chungcheongbuk-do (North)

충청남도 Chungcheongnam-do (South)

경상북도Gyeongsangbuk-do (North)

경상남도 Gyeongsangnam-do (South)

전라북도 Jeollabuk-do (North)

전라남도Jeollanam-do (South)

Just as you can see on the map on the right!