Ulsan, Cheongdo - March 20th

Singing in the rain~

What shall we drink today?

Nature & History Trekking Tour - April 3rd~4th

Lake photoshoot

Cherry blossom

Trekking time

Trekking time

Boryeong Trip - May 8th~9th

Beach photoshoot

Boat experience

Peaceful time

Andong One Day Trip - May 19th

Bridge photoshoot

Lovely day and view

Museum experience

Andong, Uiseong, Daegu, Pohang - June 19th & 20th

Visiting Goeunsa

Temple experience

Touring Daegu

Monorail experience

Andong, Uiseong, Daegu, Pohang - July 10th & 11th

Pohang Airport

The calm before the storm

Photoshoot time

Monorail experience

Chuncheon One Day Trip - July 17th

Jade Garden

Canoe experience

Happy Grassland Ranch

Happy Grassland Ranch

Gubongsan Santorini View