Lunar New Year Trip - January 24th-26th

Ice Sculpture

Walking around the market

Cart's Race

Playing Around

Tangyeon Coastal Vibes & Wellness Discovery Trip - February 1st - 2nd & 8th-9th

Enjoying the sunset

Coffee break while admiring the view

Jeju Trip - April 6th - 9th

Rainy day in Jeju

Waterfall Adventures

Arriving to Manjang Cave

Buyeo Trip - May 23rd

Cooking class experience

Resting at a temple x1

Resting at a temple x2

Daejeon Trip- June 6th & 7th

At Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail

Taking a break in Daedong Village

Daecheong lake

Walking around the woods

Peaceful time at Daecheong lake

Gongju and Iksan - June 27th - 28th

Walking around the forest

Cooking Experience

Market Experience

Donghae, Gangneung Trip - July

On the way to Gangneung~

Cave Experience

Break-time with a view

Enjoying the time at the beach

Andong and Uiseong - May 11th~12th

Making sure everyone is healthy before departure!

Photoshoot before lunch

Mastering the art of stacked stones

Choi Chi Won's Library House

Woryeonggyo bridge

Tea tasting experience

Gangwondo August Voyage - August 15th~16th

Rainy Donghae Nongoldam-gil

Barbecue time

Soap making experience

Cafe roasting experience

Gangwondo - August 16th~17th

Close to the sky

Korean traditional experience

So much green

Cave experience

Goryeong Trip - August 22nd~23rd

Korean traditional instrument experience

We go up, and up, and up

Photoshoot time

Gangwondo Voyage - September 26th~27th

Amok cafe street

Visiting a traditional market

Train experience

Breakfast time

Purple Island - October 10th~11th

Cloudy paradise

Purple Island

Riding a bike non bike

Experience Trip and Caravan Sleeping - November 20th~22nd

Barbecue time




Danyang and Buyeo Trip - November 28th~29th

Lake photoshoot

Late night biking experience

Gangwondo Ski Trip - December 5th~6th

Ski experience

Going into the water