New Year's Sunrise Train Trip - January 1st

Jeongdongjin Sunrise

Staff lunch on train

Train helpers

Sunrise Train Cafe

Hwacheon Peace Dam & Sancheoneo Ice Festival - January 12th

Hwacheon Peace Dam

2019 Sancheoneo Ice Festival

Ganwoldo Hermitage & Gongju Chestnut Festival - January 19th

Ganwoldo, Seosan

Ganwoldo, Seosan

Haemieupseon Fortress, Seosan

Best market food ever. Dongbu Market, Seosan.

Roasting Chestnuts!

Gongju Chestnut Festival Traditional playground

A taste/bottle! of chestnut Makgeolli

Hand roasted chestnuts!

Seollal Mix-up Trip - February 2~4

Mr.Snow man!

Mysterious Maisan~

Hanbok boys

Hanbok girls

Jeonju Bibimbab Exp.

'Urimil' Village BBQ

Byeonsan Beach

Geoje Island Trip - March 1~3

Posing like models!

Beautiful nature

Enjoying new food

Gyeonggido Berries Picking Trip - March 16th

Strawberry picking

Snowy scenery

Making flower rice cakes

Goryeong Trip - April 13th

Nature discovering

Trying Gayageum (Korean Instrument)

Making Yeot (Korean candy)

Market food!

Market food!

Gangwon WAVE 1 Trip - April 27~28

Time to party

Discovering accessories

Having the fun of our lives!

Ikseon Bicycle Trip - May 3rd

Fresh air and beautiful sceneries

Making alcohol

Sobaek Mountain, Yeongju and Andong Trip - May 25-26

So green!

Little angel making the apple pie crust

Enjoying Andong's famous JJimdak!

Flying! (For 2 seconds)

Jeju Island Summer Trip - June 27~30

Feeling like a cowboy

Enjoying food...again!

Singing our hearts out

One of the most beautiful sceneries...

Jangheung Water Festival and Muan Lotus Festival - July 27

Always ready for the camera...

Breathtaking scenery


Feeling proud of accomplishments

Gangjin FUSO Stay - August 31~September 1

Meeting new people

Making cheese

The divas

Feeling so small

It's picture time

Boryeong and Gongju Trip - September 7~8

Making chestnuts desserts

Bamboo forest

Mr.Rabbit (Part 1)

Mr.Rabbit (Part 2)

Yeongju Apple Festival Trip - October 26~27

Pictures at the Apple Festival

Apple stall at the Apple Festival

Beautiful nature

Discovering Korean Corn Dogs

Speaking with locals

Ulsan Trip - November 16~17

Hiding and posing inside the giant eggs!

Bibimbap for lunch

Enjoying a Korean traditional tea by the window

View of Ulsan's sea

FUSO Trip - December 7~8

Let's pose!

Making Dubu (Tofu) together!

Our staff member acting handsome!

Picture together with the host family