1. Are Koreans allowed on the trips?

Tour08 trips are mostly funded by local Korean government specifically for foreigners. Therefore, we can not have your Korean friends with us, unfortunately. But sometimes, we do organize trips that allow Koreans to participate. You can always check this detail in the signup form for each trip.

2. How to pay for the trips?

There are two ways to make the payment.

1. Deposit to our Korean bank account. (Woori Bank: 1002-341-827909 Gang Hoseon)

2. Deposit to our PayPal account. (elnazneshateffatiyan@gmail.com)

3. Do you provide only weekend trips?

Tour08 trips are mainly operated on weekends either a day trip or an overnight trip. Also, sometimes there are Friday night departures for specific trips.

4. Is Tour08 a Travel agency?

Yes, Tour Gongbang Co., Ltd. or (주)여행공방 (commonly known as Tour08) is a registered Korean Travel Agency based in Yongsan, Seoul.

5. Are there overseas tours too?

About once or twice a year, Tour08 ventures out of Korea to take you on some great travel adventures to neighboring countries, namely Japan.

6. Who can join on the trips?

Any foreigners who are living in Korea or traveling to/in Korea.

7. Do you provide private Tour packages?

Yes, private tours can be negotiated and operated by considering Tour08 policies and strategies.

8. Do you provide private rooms if needed?

Yes, on most of the trips private rooms can be provided for the extra cost that is mentioned in the signup form of the specific trip.

9. Do you provide Halal or Vegetarian option food?

We always try our best to provide food that meets the individual specific needs but it should be understood that Halal meat is not provided on our trips. We travel to rural areas that do not provide Halal meat and it is not in the budget of our trip. If you are a person that requires Halal please consider yourself vegetarian on our trips. Where possible, we do our best to cater for everyone's need but as it was specified in the initial signup form "at the time you may be required to pick and choose from what is provided".