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Who Are We?

Tour Gongbang Co., Ltd. or (주)여행공방 (commonly known as Tour'08') is a registered Korean Travel Agency based in Yongsan, Seoul. We started our journey back in 2013 running tours for Koreans, and extended to grow and start up the Foreigner tours in 2016.

What Type Of Travels Do We Offer?

A typical Tour08 trip will take you to visit a regional area, giving you an eye into a lesser known part of Korea. Tour08 will take you to explore Korea from top to bottom, east to west! Apart from the bigger cities, we've got all of the in-between covered. On any one trip, you can expect to:

  • Experience a representative Korean festival
  • Indulge in an abundance of local food
  • Discover some local historical sites
  • Get involved in a handful of rural activities
  • If it's an overnight trip, enjoy staying a night in rural type lodging whether it be a pension, minbak, motel, traditional hanok or local homestay.

And the list goes will experience it all with us.

What Does Part-Sponsored Mean?

Tour08 offers part-sponsored experience trips (subsidized by local Korean governments). As such, our trip cost is much cheaper than what you would expect with some of our trips as affordable as 20,000 wons.

Whilst not all trips will be so cheap, Tour08 will for sure give you the best value trip you can find in Korea.

What Is Included In Our Trips?

In general, most tours include transport, accommodation (if overnight trip), 2 or more meals, experience and entrance fees as well as the guide and operation fees.

Who Can Travel With Us?

Any foreigner in Korea is welcome whether old or young, short or long term expat, exchange student or tourist.

We would love you to participate to our trips and gatherings and become part of the Tour08 community. Our activities are a great opportunity to meet people from all around the globe.

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